AXEL-FORMS Version 0.2

AXEL-FORMS is developped by Stéphane Sire at Oppidoc.

Like AXEL, AXEL-FORMS is released as free software, under the terms of the LGPL version 2.1. You are welcome to join our efforts to improve the library and the specification at any time and to become part of the contributors.

Contact: Stéphane Sire

AXEL-FORMS for the impatient

Try the demonstration editor (we recommend to use Firefox). Once you have opened it in your browser, select a template folder and a template file name using the two popup menus next to the Template label; then click on the Visualize button to generate the corresponding editor. Start editing a document, and then use the Dump button to see the current XML content of the editor at any time.

Where to start ?

The best way to learn the library is to experiment with the sample templates and applications which are distributed with it.

Template authors should read the XTiger XML language specification. It is a good idea to look at the source of the demonstration templates in the templates folder. With Firefox you can click on the Source button in the demonstration editor to display the source of the current template. You can also write your own templates and test them with the demonstration editor by entering their path and clicking on Visualize.

Web application developers can read the documentation in progress and the wiki in addition to the above links. You can consult the HOWTO files to learn how to develop new binding and command objects if you want to extend the library. You can also look at the existing plugin, binding or command source files in the corresponding src/plugins, src/bindings or src/commands folders.


You need AXEL (version >= 1.4) to use AXEL-FORMS (version >= 0.2).

Project layout

This web site is published from the GitHub repository of the project. If you check out the repository you will get the following folders :

The axel-forms.js file of the latest release ready for deploying AXEL-FORMS on a server. It is generated from the build.lib target of the ant script in the scripts folder.
Some documentation. The XTiger XML language specification is available on its own repository.
A demonstration editor (editor.xhtml) built with the library. If you launch it from your local file system and if you follow the instructions on disabling security restrictions on Firefox, you can use it to open templates and XML data files from your local file system. This is a convenient way to test and maintain template files.
Ant script to automate the generation of the minified library. You can customize the script/ file to select which files to include in the distribution
The source code of the extensions. The axel-form.js file in the dist folder is generated from the content of this folder using the ant buid.lib target defined in the scripts folder.
Xtiger XML template files.

Last update: 2015-09-14