AXEL Template-driven Document Editor

This application can be run either from a web server or directly from your local file system (URL starting with file:///). It is targeted first at XTiger XML document template creators so that they can test their templates.

If you open the editor from the local file system you need to authorize access to local URL from the XMLHTTPRequest object. For Firefox type about:config in the URL bar then click on security.fileuri.strict_origin_policy to set it to false (source: We didn't find how to do it with other browsers, so if you know let us know.

If you open the editor from a web server (URL starting with http://), including a WebDav server, it should work on most browsers.

The Preferences pannel adds more commands :

The preselection templates are defined inside the templates/shared/templates.js file of the distribution.

NOTE: the template file URL must have the same origin as the editor itself because of cross-domain access restrictions in web browsers. The reason is that the AXEL library inside the editor must be granted access to the iframe that contains the template file.