Oppidum Version 1.0 beta

Oppidum is developped by Stéphane Sire at Oppidoc.

Oppidum is released as free software, under the terms of the LGPL. You are welcome to join our efforts to improve the framework and the specification at any time and to become part of the contributors.

Contact: Stéphane Sire

Oppidum for the impatient

There is currently no online tutorial or demonstrator. This web site is a mirror to publish documentation. To get involved you need to clone the GitHub repository and try it by yourself.

Where to start ?

The documentation is in progress and not yet translated to english. Stay tuned.

Related projects

You can check the AXEL and AXEL-FORMS projects which are used to embed structured document editors or forms editors into web pages.

Project layout

This web site is published from the GitHub repository of the project. If you check out the repository you will get the following folders :

XQuery models to perform standard actions on REST controllers. Some of them may be deprecated or moved outside of the framework in external modules.
Configuration files to be copied into the WAR when building it with the ant package target in scripts folder.
Oppidum application controller.
Some documentation. In progress.
Oppidum application epilogue.
Default configuration files for Oppidum (mapping, error messages, skins)
XQuery mnodules that constitute the core library.
Default mesh to render pages (currently not-found page).
XQuery models to generate REST resources common to applications or for debug purpose. Some of them may be deprecated or moved outside of the framework in external modules.
Oppidum common modules. Contains the module for Oppidum administration (backup / restoration).
Common Javascript frameworks used for application development with Oppidum.
Some build files and installation utilities.
Tools for debug and testing.
XSLT views to generate REST resources common to applications. See the models folder.
Filtering service to rewrite and serve XTiger XML templates.

Last update: 2013-01-02